The schools nominated in this year's WBLK Prom Takeover contest are spread out all across Western New York. So, which school do YOU think deserves to have us TURN UP at their prom?

Why not let the students themselves convince you! Check out what kids from each school have to say about why their school deserves to have WBLK at prom -- and then click here to go vote for which school you think should win!

Amherst Central High School (Wikimedia)

Amherst Central High School

Amherst needs to be turnt up! But really, Amherst is a great school, and it would be amazing to have bragging rights that WBLK came to our prom! There's no doubt that if you pick Amherst Central High School that the entire school will be excited, so please come because we don't have fun parties often, and Amherst needs to learn what a real party is like.
-- Khalil Williams

Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School)

Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School

I feel as though my school should win because we deserve to have fun for once. Last year, we had a pastor DJ our prom, and it was a disaster. Administration make funds seem low, so its hard to actually have someone good. It's my last year here, and I would love to go out with a bang, and I'm sure the class of 2014 would too!
-- Tanesha Williams

My school should definitely win because we never had the proper DJ to help turn up our prom! It was always a teacher or relative of some sort playing non-relatable music. This is my last year, [and] as a senior I received good grades all year round, and I'm ready to have some fun. All of that can be true if WBLK, The People's Station, hosts my senior prom! Me and the class of 2014 would really appreciate it.
-- Janae Baker

Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts (

Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts

My school is the most original, outgoing, TALENTED school out there. We are the school of arts for a reason. I feel like we never really get the chance to do fun things. This opportunity would AMAZING, so pleaseeeeeee pick the school of the arts! All the girls in my dance class have been wanting this, and we voted like 20 times LOL!
-- Nia Nelms

My school is not like other schools. It's very creative and artistic and deserves a prom that shows that. We all love to have a good time and would appreciate it SOOOOOO much if we have WBLK at our prom. PLEASE PICK PERFORMING ARTS!!! COME ON AND TAKE OVER OUR PROM!!!!!
-- Lavesha Martin

Charter School for Applied Technologies (

Charter School for Applied Technologies

Our school should win because we are a charter school that doesn't get to do much. We should also win because our senior class is the first class to attend CSAT since it opened, and this is a special time for our school, and WBLK can help make it even more exciting. Lastly, our school should win because we had a blast last year, and we're ready to have twice as much fun this year!
-- DaJinay Gilbert

We won last year. We had a great time! We are the biggest charter school in Western New York, with a graduation rate of 98 percent. We are very productive students with great potential. We deserve a rocking prom, especially for our class of 2014!!!! TURN UP!!!
-- Kamera Rivera

Cheektowaga Central High School (D-Day, Wikimedia)

Cheektowaga Central High School

My school deserves to win because only my school would appreciate it the most. We had fundraisers that didn't help out that much, and we need all the help that we can get. My junior prom last year was soooo wack. We were literally screaming, "Kill the DJ!" We had to write out our own playlist on Salvatore's napkins when we realized that he didn't know what he was doing. Cheektowaga has such good spirits that we made the best out of what we could anyway. My school turns all the way up like no other, and we need your help 93.7 because you're the best in the WNY. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE save our prom, my senior prom.
-- Breona Fletcher

Clarence High School (YNN)

Clarence High School

Here are the TOP TEN reasons why Clarence High School should win:

  1. I love WLBK......Long-time LISTENER!!!
  2. Best radio station in BUFFALO and the U.S.
  3. Love all the DJs.
  4. I was a DJ in Breckenridge COLORADO back in the '80s (one of the best times of my life).
  5. The kids need to learn how to dance by the experts at WBLK.
  6. I am working at the prom 'til 3:30 a.m. and want to dance the night away with the kids and WBLK.
  7. PROM is the best night of the students' HIGH SCHOOL YEARS.
  8. Clarence is very family driven, and we give back to our community too. COMMUNITY SERVICE IS REQUIRED of all STUDENTS at Clarence.
  9. The kids will never forget their PROM if WBLK was in attendance to rock their high school prom.
  10. The kids worked hard the past 12 years and deserve the best party of their life!!!!!!

-- Sarah Stein

Dunkirk Senior High School (

Dunkirk Senior High School

I think my school should win because no one here knows good music, and you guys do. And last year I heard they had a phone for the music and played Pandora. I don't want my first prom to be lame. I actually wanna have a good time and dance.
-- Savannah Daley

East High School (D-Day, Wikimedia)

East High School

My school should win because our academic level has improved drastically since the beginning of the year, and we've worked extremely hard to get to this point. The threat of our school closing gave us a reality check and made us realize that if we didn't get our act together and get our grades up, there would be no more East. My school is always in the media for the bad things but gets overlooked for the good things. We're always being judged on the "old East," but that's because no one takes the time out to come and see our improvement. East is not just a building with students and teachers, it's a community. We're a family; we don't let each other fail. We fought for our school to stay open, and we're trying to gain a good name. Winning this contest and having you would be an honor and a blessing. It would show recognition for us through you. Hopefully you'll pick us!
-- Dajia Edgerton

Emerson High School (

Emerson High School

We are struggling with the cost of prom, and everyone is backing out on going, so if we win, this would turn prom up and encourage everyone to go.
-- Tahjanique Ruufins

They deserve it. The students have worked all year for it and deserve to have a good time.
-- Rebecca Formwalt

Health Sciences Charter School (

Health Sciences Charter School

My school should win because I am a senior at Health Sciences Charter School, and this will be our first prom, since we will be the first graduating class from Health Sciences Charter School, and it will be an honor to have you help us celebrate the kickoff to the start of our new college lives.
-- Shannon Buchanan

My school should win because this is our first prom ever, and we want the best experience ever that we will all remember. We are the first 12th grade class. Also, we know how to have fun, so if we win, then I know that you can bring more fun.
-- Dalasia Payton

Holy Trinity Oakville Secondary School (Holy Trinity Oakville Secondary School)

Holy Trinity Oakville Secondary School

I was really not thinking about going to prom this year, but if our school wins, our prom will be turnt up, and I will show up.
-- Sheyenne Noel-Tobias

In the past years, the student who have attended prom have expressed their feelings of disappointment, so we hope to change that for 2014! I really want my one and only prom to be turnt up!!
-- Angelika Levy

Hutchinson Central Tech High School (Wikimedia)

Hutchinson Central Tech High School

I believe our school should win the Prom Takeover because we have the best school spirit! When it comes down to it, we know how to turn up. My school would greatly appreciate this win! What what what what what you say! Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech should win! :-)
-- Satchel Thomas

My school should win because we are the most dedicated to our school, we have great teachers, our school is so family oriented, and the students and teachers here are happy to come to work and school every day because it's such a great place to be. I couldn't have asked for a better school to attend. TECH NATION!!!!
-- Keyana Simmons

Lackawanna High School (

Lackawanna High School

I think my school should win because we are very diverse and enjoyable. We get along very well with each other. In Lackawanna we are like a big family. We also know how to have fun without having a bunch if drama. You should pick our school because we are also well behaved and well mannered. Please pick us!!!!
-- Tori Horton

In the past we have never had a good DJ. To the point where everybody has left the prom after dinner. WBLK knows how to turn up, and Lackawanna deserves to turn up with a sweet DJ. Considering it's our senior prom, everybody would have so much fun. Please please choose Lackawanna High!!
-- Morgan Roberts

Leonardo da Vinci High School (Wikipedia)

Leonardo da Vinci High School

DaVinci is a good school; we succeed academically. We are one of the best in Western New York. DaVinci students also participate in events that help raise money for those in need.
-- Andra Austin

We are a college preparatory high school that has a high expectations in the pursuit of excellence for all.
-- Tatyanna Bray

Math, Science, Technology Preparatory School (D-Day, Wikimedia)

Math, Science, Technology Preparatory School

My school is a very good school, and our juniors and seniors have done so much to raise money for our prom, by ourselves. We are a very close school, and if we win this, it will only bring us closer. I am a junior, but I really want this for the seniors because they have done a lot for us. We will GREATLY appreciate this if we win.
-- Lexus McDowell

McKinley Vocational High School (Wikipedia)

McKinley Vocational High School

Our school Is currently doing very well academically, with good attendance and our academic standing. Also, all seniors are participating in Say YES! We are a deserving school for this contest.
-- Cierra Hardy

They won't let us have a class day or anything for our senior class, so prom need to be turnt up!
-- Shamecca Minor

Middle Early College High School (Middle Early College High School)

Middle Early College High School

We are a small school, and we work hard to get what we have. Our basketball team made it to Glen Falls but lost in the championship round. We deserve to win.
-- Tawan Crosby

Niagara Falls High School (Wikimedia)

Niagara Falls High School

I wanna nominate the school and dedicate this prom to a senior that suffered from cancer and died right after prom and graduation. I'm dedicating this prom nomination to her because she was in a wheelchair during her prom, and I thought it would just be something special to the family.
-- Tim Carson

Pioneer Central High School (Facebook)

Pioneer Central High School

Every dance that we have is the same old thing, that's why no one ever comes to the school dances -- cuz they're boring, and they think its a waste of time. We need to spice up our school's dances, and for once, our school's students will actually participate and go to dances
-- Kalie Pries

Tapestry Charter School (

Tapestry Charter School

Last year's prom was kinda whack. We had an art teacher DJ our prom, and we barely had any good songs playing. I want this prom to be turned up for the juniors and seniors this year so we could all have a great time and have this one be remembered!!!!
-- Dante Williams

Our school is trying to add a new style at our prom this year. I know my school would be honored and very grateful if we had WBLK take over our prom. We want bumping music, which we know WBLK can provide without a doubt. WBLK is a lively, funny and always entertaining radio station that could help our prom turn up! This is our senior year, why not go out with a bang? We hope we are chosen, and look forward to hearing from WBLK soon. Thank you for the opportunity to add some flavor and fun to our prom.
-- DeQhaun Vance