TONIGHT from 5PM to 7:30PM YOU ARE INVITED to join & help WBLK raise funds for Hospice Buffalo.  

The Fund Raiser also has a "competitive" edge, in that different Radio & Television Stations are being motivated to win the Media Challenge and come out "ON TOP" as the Team who raised the most money for the cause.

The Fund Raiser will take place (starting at 5PM) at Brawler's Deli (the lower level of the Pearl Street Grill & Brewery) located at 76 Pearl Street, Downtown Buffalo!!!

Participants will have Great Fun with this Friday Fund Raiser due to the fact that it will revolve around a Happy Hour type theme while Celebrating Brawler Deli's 4th Anniversary.  Participants  ... YOU ... will buy the WBLK FEATURED DRINK SPECIAL with all proceeds going to fund and support HOSPICE BUFFALO.

We (WBLK) had to come up with a creative drink special using Jameson (whiskey) and a Coca-Cola Product... so we went to work and put our heads together and created: The "CHEERIHANNA VANILLA BOMB"!!!

Now some portion of CHEERIHANNA may look familiar...that's because we did some research and learned that JAMESON is actually one of RIHANNA's favorite drinks... to the extent that she created a song and Music Video called "CHEERS" which features the drink... thus the Drink Special Title... "CHEERRIHANNA"...!!!  We added a touch of Vanilla and Cheery Coke with some other secret ingredients, which produces a drink your mouth will CELEBRATE once you taste it!!!!!

So PLEASE JOIN WBLK... SUPPORT WBLK & HOSPICE... and HELP WBLK WIN the Media Challenge tonight form 5PM-7:30 while having fun at this Special Fund Raiser to Support HOSPICE BUFFALO!!!!!

We look forward to seeing you TONIGHT!!!!  PLEASE STOP BY!!!!