It appears the Ferguson Police Department is trying to help the case of the Officer who shot and killed Michael Brown.  Is jail no longer an option for young Black teens.  That may sound exclusionary, but we must be HONEST with ourselves...there is a pattern across this country whereas Black Teen Boys are consistently involving themselves in FOOLISHNESS!!!  The Police are TIRED OF IT!!!  ...and although my last statement is is NOT an excuse for KILLING!!!!

It's just my opinion, but the release of this video seems to be strategic...the Police are thinking this will EXPLAIN what follows...and it DOES NOT!!!  They may as well just take it back, destroy it, etc... because if this goes to court... some type of way... and the Officer is acquitted...then WATCH OUT!!!!... The Precedent will be engraved in stone for the ENTITY AROUND THE NATION WHICH WE KNOW AS "THE POLCE"...they will get a TICKET TO KILL FOR WHATEVER THEY FEEL IS JUSTIFIABLE!!!!  (My Opinion)'s the video anyway.