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Now offering the latest generation in laser fat removal!

Welcome to Buffalo Laser Spa, Inc., Buffalo’s leader in non-invasive aesthetic laser treatments. Men and women always want to look as great as they feel, and at Buffalo Laser Spa, we have the treatments you need to look your very best. Looking to get rid of your fat, embarrassing unwanted facial and body hair, or suffer with the dimpled appearance of unwanted cellulite? With our revolutionary lasers systems for fat removal, hair removal, and cellulite reduction, patients leave Buffalo Laser Spa looking and feeling great. We provide services to all of Western New York including but not limited to Amherst, Buffalo, Clarence, Orchard Park, Williamsville.

The New Generation of Fat Removal – Gentle Slim

  • Non-invasive Fat Removal
  • Over 14x The Power of Zerona – Zerona has only 5 Diodes while the Gentle Slim Systems Utilize 72 Diodes
  • Lose a Dress or Pant Size in Only 1-2 Treatments!

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  • Hair Removal: At Buffalo Laser Spa, Inc., we provide two methods of permanent hair reduction: Laser Hair Removal and Electrolysis, therefore all patients interested in removing unwanted hair with permanent results can achieve their goals. Laser treatments for hair removal are the most advanced form of permanent hair reduction, however they will not work for everyone. Lasers work by targeting the pigment within the hair follicles, because lasers are attracted to pigment; those individuals with blonde, gray, white or red hair will not see successful hair reduction results via laser because these hair colors do not contain enough pigment.
  •  Those with lighter hair colors should not be discouraged however because at Buffalo Laser Spa, we also offer electrolysis. Electrolysis was the first permanent form of hair removal to be introduced to consumers, and while this treatment does take longer to complete, it can permanently remove any hair, no matter the color. This means that we are able to treat any patient in order to get the hair free results they are looking for

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