I don't think there's been a President in the history of our Country that's been berated, attacked, disrespected, and ridiculed as much President Barack Obama.  Is it a coincidence that he's Black?....I'm not sure but it's worthy of speculation based on the history of racism in this country.  I guess it was okay and historical to live to see the moment such that the United States ALLOWED for the 1st Black President... but maybe he turned out to be TOO BLACK.

I don't think it's a secret that most non-Black people in the U.S. associate poverty, hand-outs, welfare, food stamps, etc...with Black people...although that has to be one of the most ignorant and uninformed mindsets in existence.  So with President Obama's stance and platform such that he's in favor of helping the "Middle Class"...and the fact that Obamacare seems to favor those who are less fortunate, and Food Stamp recipient numbers are at an all-time high...a President who comes along and promotes an "EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF" philosophy (Mitt Romney)...is possibly a better fit for "AMERICA" than is the COLORED GUY!

Maybe people have had enough of their "AFFIRMATIVE ACTION" choice for President and now their TRUE COLORS are coming out.... I don't know...but it just seems too coincidental that the President is Black and he's being HUNG... short of tying a noose around his neck.  The attacks on him, his wife, his children, his Mom, his Dad, his Illegitimate 19 year old FICTIONAL SON, and his rumored REAL FATHER (Frank Marshall Davis) are seemingly criminal with regard to bashing the Leader of Our Country.  I thought there were laws against this!

Well, GET READY!  Here's what I've found searching the web... YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE IT!!!!

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