Live in Buffalo or Western New York and what to keep your finger on the pulse of the city? Check out these Twitter accounts!

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    It's your favorite radio station but on the web we do more than bring you your favorite music! We also bring you news about what is happening in and around Buffalo, NY!

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    LET'S GO, BUFFALO!!! I believe that covers it.

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    Buffalonians love hockey. Stay up-to-date on your home team by following along. They share team updates, arena news, videos and photos.

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    Buffalo and Western New York event news, stunning city photos, cool little-known spots around town and more. If you are looking for something to do or to get to know Buffalo better, this is a good Twitter account.

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    It's the official Twitter Account for National Weather Service of Buffalo, New York.

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    YES! It is all about the dogs! Check out photos of some of Buffalo's best and cutest canines around! Be prepared for cute overload.

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    If we need to explain why you want to know more about Jim Kelly and what he's up to, you aren't from here.

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