Hip Hop “I said a hip hop, the hippie the hippie to the hip hip a hop and ya don't stop”. Those lyrics resonate across even the most illiterate music head who wouldn’t know the first thing about hip hop. Sang proud by Def Squad’s Red man, these words helped to fuel a movement that would be around for decades to come.

Over time, Hip Hop has undergone several transformations. From Public Enemy to Drake, the spectrum of hip hop is vast. Is the message the same though? Hip Hop was concerned with advancement of the people, now it’s all about models and bottles.

I watched a video on you tube recently, of a young girl singing Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass. After laughing hysterically at the young girl and her animated performance, I thought for a second does she even know what she’s singing about? Did her mother think it was okay for her to say “When he gives me that look then these panties coming off”? She must not have had too much of a problem, seeing as she was the one recording it.

Us as a society, likes to sugar coat and look the other way with Hip Hop and the message it delivers. Then after a negative event happens, the media races to find which artist they can blame next. On rare occasions music networks like BET and MTV will ban a video from rotation, but who cares when you can you tube the video from your cell phone?

If networks are going to censor their playlist then labels should censor their artists. Yes that sounds great but let’s face it, sex sells and violence is exciting. At least that’s what society has shown us. Everything revolves around the almighty dollar, and bills need to be paid. Plus, to be totally honest though the message isn’t great, the songs always have a hell of a ring to them.

I think Hip Hop and the content of its message is an issue that is too far gone. Trying to censor labels is like trying to tape together broken glass-won’t cut it. In the meantime, censoring yourself and your home will do just fine.