1. The safest method is to thaw a turkey in the refrigerator. This will take about three days for a 20 pound turkey to fully defrost.

2. If you want crispy skin, unwrap the turkey the day before roasting and leave it uncovered in the refrigerator overnight.

3. Plan on 20 minutes per pound in a 350° F oven for a defrosted turkey and 10 to 15 minutes per pound for fresh.

4. A turkey will cook more evenly if it is not densely stuffed. Consider adding flavor by loosely filling the cavity with vegetables such as carrots, celery, onion or garlic or you can carefully tuck fresh herbs underneath the breast skin. For the stuffing lovers, cook the dressing in a casserole dish on the side.

Tie up your turkey for even roasting.
Before roasting, coat the outside of the turkey with vegetable or olive oil, season with salt and pepper and tightly cover the breast with aluminum foil to prevent over-browning
Once you get the turkey in the oven, do not open the oven door. When the oven temperature fluctuates, you're may have a dry bird. About 45 minutes before the turkey is done, remove the foil from the breast to allow it to brown.
Remove the turkey from the oven when the deepest spot between the leg and the breast reads 180° F on a thermometer. Check the internal temperature of the stuffing it should be 165°.

Tent the bird with foil and let rest for about 15 minutes before carving. Turkey can set for up to an hour without losing too much heat.

Carve your turkey with a very sharp knife.

What are some of your tips for cooking a tasty turkey?