Christianity is OUT OF HAND in my opinion and I propose there should be some regulation as to who can and cannot LEAD a Church Congregation.

I now understand why Catholicism is such a powerful, widespread and consistently influential Religion...because there are regulations and there is accountability...Christianity has NONE!  This makes way for a million different interpretations of The Bible, a million different types of Christian Religions, no Unity, and worst of all... a free pass for ANYONE to Lead a Church Congregation and influence people's thinking.  Are there any sensible, knowledgable, teaching Pastors...YES!!!!....but I would say that they are far & few between.  I have been to so very many churches and experienced many Pastors...many of whom are OFF THEIR ROCKER!!!

This BLOG is not attack on Christianity itself, rather an appeal to change the way Churches are formed and the ease by which "PASTORS" can obtain licensing (or not) to "Preach The Word".

My plea and concern is fueled by the fact that Chicago, IL has a total of 42 Homicides ALREADY in one month to begin 2013!!!  (Buffalo is not the safest place in the world by far...but comparatively there was only 1 homicide in our city during the entire month of January) ... AND there is a Pastor in Chicago who is Mentally Ill (in my opinion) and leading Black People astray and POSSIBLY part of the cause of the violence that exists in Chicago....based on his Hate Filled Ministry!

Just listen to this BUFFOON (Pastor James David Manning) in the video below.... you'll be demanding his resignation AND a FULL MENTAL EXAMINATION!!!!!