Tapestry Charter High School, get ready to have the best prom possible!

DJ Big Rob and myself, Brian James, will be there to make your prom memorable. Ya'll really showed out with the voting -- check out the stats difference:


Crazy!!! Here's a couple comments from your friends:

Last year’s prom was kinda whack. We had an art teacher DJ our prom, and we barely had any good songs playing. I want this prom to be turned up for the juniors and seniors this year so we could all have a great time and have this one be remembered!!!!

Our school is trying to add a new style at our prom this year. I know my school would be honored and very grateful if we had WBLK take over our prom. We want bumping music, which we know WBLK can provide without a doubt. WBLK is a lively, funny and always entertaining radio station that could help our prom turn up! This is our senior year, why not go out with a bang? We hope we are chosen, and look forward to hearing from WBLK soon. Thank you for the opportunity to add some flavor and fun to our prom.

Once again congrats, and stay tuned into 93.7 WBLK as we announce who we're bringing with us to shut down your prom. You're going to love this, iPromise!