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Future to Drop Another Mixtape
I have to admit that it took a couple homegirls from around my way to finally convince me that Future was worth listening to.  So first I wanna give a shoutout to shirley  and joslyn for putting me on.
Woman Robbed of Car
Buffalo Police are investigating the robbery and car jacking of a lady in the Riverside neighborhood
Almost 30 Homicides, 5 Cleared. Unacceptable !!!
Since the June 29th killing of my baby brother Jeremy Lamar, there has been 4 other homicides, which brings the year to date total to 24, which is the exact number from last year.  More disturbing than the homicides itself, is the amount that were cleared...
Destroy and Rebuild: Let’s Fix Our Own Problems
A few days ago, I was riding through the "town," as we call it, and I found myself riding in the Broadway-Fillmore District. Now I have ridden down these blocks many times, but this time, it really took a toll on me.
Nokout Reality: My Resolution to Bullying [Video]
This over talked  about topic of bullying has finally put me in a situation where i can't hold back anymore. I have tried to ignore the back and forth between so called bullies, the bullied, the parents, and the professionals.
Da Fly Spot: Spring Time Accessories
The unofficial season for supreme flyness is fast approaching. Everyone is going to be on there best trying to out shine the rest. In order to achieve supreme superiority over your fly counterparts you have to separate yourself them.
Da FlySpot: Hoodies in The Hood
Spring is fast approaching, and its almost time to put up the snorkels, bubble coats, and other heavy winter jackets that we really didn't have to put to use during this mild winter. With the cool down right around the corner, I found some new hoodies that should keep you in hella fly mode until sum…

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