Willow Smith

Ten-Year-Old Willow Smith Named Fashion Icon By Vogue
Willow Smith may not be old enough to drink, vote or drive, but in the fashion world, she's a fashion icon.
"Naturally talented, charismatic, unblemished optimism, with the whole wide world open to her possibilities and abilities. I think she is the future-forward American icon.&quo…
Jada Pinkett-Smith Speaks On Being Successful In Hollywood
Sources say, recently, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith revealed details on her keys to success in Hollywood, and working on different projects with rapper/mogul, Jay-Z. During an interview, Jada discussed juggling her business endeavors, acting career and family life...
Willow Smith Releases ’21st Century Girl’ Video
(mtv.com) An old woman (played by Cicely Tyson) walks in the desert, mumbling to herself when she comes across bone fragments. As she digs her way through the sand, she finds various objects. The sand begins to rumble and out comes a hooded Willow Smith...
What Does it Mean to Buy Life?
There is a profound difference between living and life. Living may extend time for another day. But life is far more than sleeping and waking. Life is more than merely existing.
We Are Family
Over the next couple of weeks the spotlight will be shining bright on Will and Jada's kids.
Jaden and Willow Smith, if you haven't noticed, are having a moment.
Plan A, No Plan B!
I had an opportunity to stumble upon an amazing video of  Will Smith talking about his work ethic, method and why he believe in "No Plan B."  Check out Will Wisdom, I'm sure it will bless you as much as it did me...
Will Smith And Jay-Z Developing “Annie” Remake For Willow
Will Smith and Jay-Z are collaborating to produce a movie-musical that would star Will’s daughter Willow Smith. Sony is considering backing the project. Will has already helped one of his kids become a movie star, producing last year’s The Karate Kid which starred his…

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