Trinidad James

The NYC/Trinidad James/Maino Drama Continues…. [VIDEO]
If you haven't been paying attention to the politics of Hip Hop knows Trinidad James basically called New York rappers out for being wack. In a interview with VladTV he explains what he meant and responding on NY rapper Maino leaking their phone call...
Trinidad Jame$, ’10 Pc. Mild’ — Mixtape Review
Trinidad Jame$ embarks on the post-‘All Gold Everything’ portion of his career with a new mixtape, ’10 Pc. Mild,’ the follow-up to last year's ‘Don’t Be S.A.F.E.’ He released the tracklist last week and revealed features ranging from trap artists like Gucci Mane to wordsmiths Danny Brown and Childis…
Wiz Khalifa Is Going On Tour!
After a few months of Fatherhood, Wiz has decided he needs a break from diaper duty, so he's going on tour with three of hip-hop's biggest names. Get all the "Under The Influence" tour dates and details inside.

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