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Trending Topic: Do You Want Love Or The Truth ?
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Do you want love or the truth?
The most common lie told by women ( according to research is how great/not-so-great their partner is in the bedroom.
The most common lie told by men (according to research) is about their whereabou…
Trending Topic: Is This Good Parenting ?
There is a new trend of parents putting their kids on blast on various social networks for doing random wrong things that kids do online. This Dad caught his daughter on FaceBook lying about her age and cheating on her fake boyfriend. This is in my opinion does nothing but make the child find better…
Trending Topic: Weezy Say’s He Is “The New Pac”
NBA All Star Weekend came to a close last night, Weezy got some things off his chest. While addressing the crowd, he called himself the new Pac after dissing the NBA and Miami Heat. He also claims he smashed Chris Bosh’s wife, Adrienne. Does Lil Wayne remind you of Tupac ...