Todd Anderson

How to Listen to Power 93.7 WBLK With Alexa [WATCH]
Back in the Day, before the internet existed, before Television, before every and any other means of audible entertainment, there was ONLY radio communication.  Radio delivered the News, entertainment, music, etc.  People would literally gather their entire households in front of a radio a…
Gettin’ In Shape w/ Todd: Day 2
Well Day # 2 consisted of Cardio (Elliptical), a few Back Exercises, & Swimming (2 Laps).
I'm still taking it easy due to the fact that I haven't done any consistent workout activity is forever.  I weighed myself yesterday and could not believe the scale reading of 248 lbs.!!!.…
‘Gettin In Shape’ w/ Todd: Day 1
Man it's been FOREVER since I've done any REAL EXERCISE so this DAY 1 at LA Fitness is a milestone for me, so to speak.
Follow along with me daily as journey my way to getting back into some type of shape. Hold me accountable if you don't see a daily video of me doing my thang...
Todd Anderson’s Top 10 Mobile Apps!
Ironically I forgot my phone today so I have to resort to memory in terms of my "10 Favorite Mobile Apps".  Compare yours to we go!
Download the NEW WBLK APP!  (Click the link below)

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