Todd Anderson

Gettin’ In Shape w/ Todd: Day 2
Well Day # 2 consisted of Cardio (Elliptical), a few Back Exercises, & Swimming (2 Laps).
I'm still taking it easy due to the fact that I haven't done any consistent workout activity is forever.  I weighed myself yesterday and could not believe the scale reading of 248 lbs.!!!.…
‘Gettin In Shape’ w/ Todd: Day 1
Man it's been FOREVER since I've done any REAL EXERCISE so this DAY 1 at LA Fitness is a milestone for me, so to speak.
Follow along with me daily as journey my way to getting back into some type of shape. Hold me accountable if you don't see a daily video of me doing my thang...
Todd Anderson’s Top 10 Mobile Apps!
Ironically I forgot my phone today so I have to resort to memory in terms of my "10 Favorite Mobile Apps".  Compare yours to we go!
Download the NEW WBLK APP!  (Click the link below)

WBLK: Guess The Impersonation! [VIDEO]
I'm not good at impersonations at all, but I've been practicing and they say "Practice Makes Perfect" right?
Here's my impersonation of someone famous ... Watch the Video and then...
*TAKE THE POLL* and offer your guess!!!

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