12 Of Hip Hop’s Hottest Songs Done Theater Style! [VIDEO]
So you don't think Fetty Wap could do Broadway? How about T Pain or Nicki Minaj? Check out this hilarious "Hip Hop Goes Broadway" Video - You might like these versions better than the originals!
Broadway theaters drew more than 13 million attendees - a new record - and sold $1…
25 Best Underrated Eminem Guest Verses
When it comes to gripping guest features, Eminem takes the cake. The idea of an elite rapper crashing the party to murder someone on their own joint is arguably the height of constructive competition in rap music. It's survival of the fittest incarnate, the chance for two or more MCs to square off f…
What Song Did You Hate From 2012 ? [POLL]
2012 offered a lot varieties when it came to music. Some artist had great songs but they just got on our nerves after awhile. Would somebody please find 2 Chainz a big booty girl for his birthday ? What exactly is Gangnam Style ? Better yet who is Sosa and why do all the ladies love him ...
This Weeks Top Ten Songs
Starting today (and every Wednesday going forward) I’ll be giving you a list of the tops songs played on WBLK.
Here’s this week’s top 10 Records Played on WBLK