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Jeezy Feels Disrespected by White House Snub [VIDEO]
In today's sensitive rapper news Young Jeezy aka Jeezy the Snowman. Jeezy is hurt because he hasn't been invited to the white house to perform "My President Is Black". He does have a good point because other contreversial entertainers have performed at the White House..…
President Obama’s Teleprompter Stolen
A van containing, the Presidents teleprompter and lectern were stolen from a hotel parking lot in Virginia. The truck was parked outside of a Marriott in Richmond, VA the truck and the items were stolen on Monday for the President's speech Today (Wednesday) in Chesterfield, VA...
President Obama Launches Champions of Change
President Barack Obama launches Champions of Change.  It’s a program aimed at celebrating Americans who are making a difference, innovating and “winning the future.”
Ordinary Americans and entrepreneurs are doing extraordinary things in their communiti…
Barack Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate
After years of speculation, President Barack Obama silenced critics today by releasing the long form version of his birth certificate from the state of Hawaii.
The birth certificate was posted on the White House's official website, with a statement from White House communications director Dan Pf…
Easter Egg Hunt 2011
Just in case you  need a little help with decorating your Easter Eggs checkout some of the different designs from around the world.
Federal Government Avoids Shutdown
All this week U.S. citizens feared that our government and a large majority of programs would be on lockdown. But due to an 11th hour deal President Obama avoided that problem until the new deadline this Thursday.
President Obama Also A Football Fan
It seems that President Obama doesn't wanna be without his football either.  The fear of not having a NFL season this year   has put the " number 1 football fan  on standby to help out anyway he can.
President Obama weighed in Thursday on the NFL's ongoing labor…
Esperanza…Who ???
Just in case your unaware of  who Esperanza Spalding might be.  Let me get your caught up on the winner of the Best New Artist at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.
If you've started the day wondering just who on earth Esperanza Spalding is, you're not alone.

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