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Top 5 Keys to Generation Z’s Sex Life
Let’s Talk about sex!
It’s very clear that Generation Z understands technology better than their parents, but let's talk about sex in the "all-things-connected" high tech society.   Kids now-a-days are caught up in the phenom of SEXTING and taking suggestive pictures of themselves and post …
‘Pull Ya Pants Up’ Music Video [#OpGenZ]
#OpGenZ  I'm tellin you, the '80s babies have a lot to learn from generation Z if we just listen.
Nine-year-old Brooklyn rapper Amor Lil man shows you just how silly you look when you walk around with your pants saggin. Check out the music video "Pull Em Up" inside!
Is ADHD Tech Tied? [#OpGenZ]
Generation Z is sometime called the tech generation because technology is their life!
Blame it on the TV, cell phones, laptops, game consols, MP3 players and the iPads with countless apps!
The thing that worries me the most about this technology overload is the shortened attention span and increasing …
What’s Up With Bathroom Profile Pics? [#OpGenZ]
In this digital age, folks are snapping and posting pics at record speed. Some people don't even wait for another person to take the picture for them -- they are all in the mirror taking flicks of themselves! Enter the "Bathroom Picture."
Is it really cute? Or does it send the wrong message…