2017 Buffalo Summer Bucket List: Lake Erie Flyboard
I got to do this and it's so fun!!
I've been dying to do this down at Canalside for a while now and it's totally worth the money. It's super fun and it's an experience you're going to want to try this Summer!
It's called: The Lake Erie Flyboard...
34th Annual Taste of Buffalo 2017 Award Winners Announced
If you're like me, you left the Taste of Buffalo not only FULL, but more than satisfied with the great time you had walking among the crowd and sampling some delicious food from local restaurant vendors.
My personal favorites where the Jerk & Curry Chicken from Caribbean Restaurant, the XTC Sangr…
Search for 2 Missing Kayakers on Lake Erie
The Coast Guard is still looking for two kayakers from Ohio after the pair went missing Tuesday night.
The kayakers, who have been identified as 27-year-old Nicole Launert and 30-year-old Mike Smith, were last seen at their boat launch in Lorain, Ohio around 6:30 pm...

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