Man Shot @ NFTA Station [NEWS VIDEO]
There is no suspect and the Police are asking for your help with any information about a man being shot at an NFTA Station.
According to News Reports, the man was waiting to be picked up from the Upper Level of the University Train Station...
New Cheektowaga Walmart Has No NFTA METRO Bus Service! WHY?
What could possibly be the reason there is currently NO NFTA METRO BUS SERVICE going to the New Walmart Store in Cheektowaga?
According to The Buffalo News, the new Walmart Store is scheduled to open on April 6 and you would think there would be provisions in place for people with challenged transpor…
Buffalo and WNY NFTA Makes Fleet Changes: Good Or Bad? [POLL]
Well it's nothing wrong with having cost effective vehicles, but was the latest purchase with taxpayers money worth it? According to the NFTA, the new buses are equipped with the latest technology, they uses a type of fuel that is less harmful to the environment...
Un-BEER-able NFTA Train Ad — Todd’s Commentary
Erie County Legislators Betty Jean Grant and Tim Hogue don't see the barrage of liquor stores and corner stores with liquor ads throughout the Black community -- but they DO SEE the Coors Light ads on the sides of NFTA trains of late!
What's wrong with this picture?
NFTA Train Heroes Honored [VIDEO]
Steven Love and Jose Ramirez honored for an act of heroism.  According to  WIVB, Steven Love was on his way to catch the outbound subway on his way to work when he saw an older man suddenly collapse onto the tracks and a train was coming into the station...

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