WOW Prodigy’s Official Cause of Death!
Mobb Deep's Prodigy's official cause of death is listed as an "Accidental Choking"
The Clark County Medical Examiner has determined after completing its investigation into Mobb Deep Rapper Prodigy's June 20th death in Las Vegas when he chocked on an egg
Prodigy has been in a battle with sick…
Press Pass: Lamont Scott’s shooting & Charlotte Protesting
Hundreds of people have been protesting the shooting of Terence Crutcher in Charlotte each of the past four nights. Though it has been quieter recently, the days before were violent, and one protester was shot dead.
Still in Charlotte despite the protesting more killings has happened
Buffalo Suffers 10th Shooting In Two Weeks
Buffalo has suffered from violence just like a lot of other cities, which get worldwide attention for being a dangerous place to live. This last shooting marked the 10 shooting in buffalo in just two weeks. People protest violence in other cities but seem to not comment on their own backyard...

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