Danity Kane Releasing Final Studio Album [Hear Their New Track]
Danity Kane fans can breath easy. Just when all hope was lost that their final album would never be released after Dawn Richard and Aubrey O’Day were involved in a studio fight a few months ago,it appears that they were able to come to an agreement with their label in order to r…
Rapper Johnny Bones Rising To Fame, One Song At A Time
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing today’s artist on the ReddRoxx Rundown for some time now. It’s always a unique experience when you can witness someone doing what they love and continuously evolve, taking their craft to the next level.
Fresh! 2Pac “Old School” Remix [Audio]
"Remember when &%*#$ Would say "Is Brooklyn in the House" and MF would lose their damn mind?" ! Ain't nothing like the old school!! Check out this fresh Cookin' Soul remix of Tupac's classic song "Old School.
This just made my day :)

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