Cop Shooting Kills Passenger During Traffic Stop [NSFW]
***WARNING*** I can't stress enough the disturbing nature of the video you are about to see.  If you are extremely sensitive to violence this may not be something you choose to view.
According to News Reports, a Traffic Stop has led to a deadly shooting of a passenger by a MN Police Officer…
“WatchHerDoIt” – Samantha Cothran
FaceBook says a lot about a person...POSITIVELY!...  mostly because it allows us to highlight the things we LIKE as opposed to what we don't... AND... it allows us to share some of our proud accomplishments.
I was interested in a particular FaceBook Page today, and once I found it…
Prince Celebrates His Birthday Today [VIDEO]
Well today composer, musician, and singer Prince Roger Nelson celebrates his birthday and oh by the way so do I.  So let the celebration begin with a couple my favorite Prince videos.  Prince was born on this date in 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.