50 Cent Declares Bankruptcy
Rapper 50 Cent declares bankruptcy after losing a multi million dollar lawsuit. He officially filed the documents today, which comes three days after Rick Ross baby mother Lavonia Leviston won a $5 million dollar jury verdict against him.
The Game Sued Over Sucker Punch
The Game is being sued for that punch he threw last month during a basketball game ... a punch the victim says may have screwed up his brain.
According to a lawsuit filed Monday, Onyebuchi Awaji -- an off-duty rookie cop -- claims he did nothing to instigate the March 29th fight with Game...
Mom Sues Sperm Bank For Giving Her A Black Baby
Two white women walk into a sperm bank, order up a baby from a white male donor, 9 months later she delivers baby that is half black. Now the moms are suing for emotional and economic losses! Details inside.
Racially Profiled Student Sues Barneys [VIDEO]
We all know we should never judge a book by it's cover. Tell that to the Police! They arrested a young black man because they assumed he stole a designer belt from Barneys in New York. Now he is suing the high profile designer boutique for racial profiling!
Sensitive Rapper Drake Kicks Future Off Tour [VIDEO]
Future insults Drake in an interview. Drakes kicks him off the Tour. Future files lawsuit against Drake! Did Future cross the line by biting the hand who feeds him or is Drake just being too sensitive? Hear what Buffalo had to say on this #HotTopicTuesday
$22,500 Lawsuit Filed Against Gucci Mane!
What rapper books two gigs miles apart in the same night? Gucci Mane apparently! The popular rapper is being hit with a $22,500 lawsuit after promoters claim they were robbed out of a fair performance due to conflicting commitments on Gucci’s end. Here’s the deets of …

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