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Cake Like Lady Gaga? [Audio]
Is there a double standard when it comes to celebrities vs regular people gaining weight? When a singer or actress gains a few pounds, the whole world knows about it. Then they make a rap song about it.
Luckily the average woman can hide a little weight gain with a slight change in wardrobe, but Lady…
CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Ms. Crystal Redden of Buffalo.  She correctly answered our Gagging for Gaga question and found the picture in this website of Lady Gaga with celebrity guest Dr. Dre.
She's won 2 exclusive tickets to see GaGA TONIGHT at the HSBC Arena...
Snoop and Lady Gaga…Freaky Deaky [Video]
Snoop is sending out communications to Lady Gaga's people that he wants to do the ultimate collabo.
In a new video posted by Snoop Dogg on his YouTube today (Jan. 24), the rapper puts out an "APB" (all points bulletin) for Lady Gaga, who Snoop wants to collaborate with on a &am…