Katt Williams

Suge Knight Still In Jail & Could Face Up To 30 Years [EXCLUSIVE]

Yesterday, the internet blew up after reports that both Suge Knight and Katt Williams were both ARRESTED for “robbery” after they took a female paparazzi’s camera. Katt Williams is out on bail but the police realized that they finally have Suge Knight in their custody. They have demanded that he giv…
I don't know if comedian Katt Williams is on some sort of drugs, or if he's just having a mid-life crisis as he stares 40 in the face. But he has really lost it lately. And just last night, he found himself in jail after throwing a cigarette at a mother's eye while she walked her fami…
Katt Williams Questioned By Ohio Police
Here we go again. TMZ Is reporting that Katt Williams and a female companion were questioned by Ohio Police over an alleged shoplifting incident at Best Buy store.  This time he wasn’t arrested.

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