Juvenile Calls Foul on Gold Diggers on ‘Flag on the Play’
With nearly 20 years deep in the game, Juvenile is a stalwart in southern hip-hop history. Continuing the campaign for his upcoming ‘Mardi Gras 2′ mixtape, Juvie hooks up with old UTP cronie Skip for the flagrant and misogynistic song, ‘Flag on the Play.’
14 Too Young For Life?[VIDEO]
14 Year Old Evan Miller and Kuntrell Jackson are just two of the many juveniles in the U.S. who have been given Life Sentences for crimes they've admittedly participated in and have been convicted... Murder Cases.
Juvenile Talks About The State Of Hip Hop (VIDEO)
According to sources, rapper Juvenile spoke on the current state of Hip Hop and how he feels the low cash-flow has hurt rappers. “I wish it was making more money, man. I can’t judge cats out there who doing they thing,” he told Southern Smoke TV. “Of course, I’m a Wayne fan first, and everybody els…
Juvenile Arrested For Drugs…Again!
According to sources, Terius Gray, a.k.a. Juvenile, was arrested in Louisiana Saturday for possession of Marijuana and driving with a suspended license. Police reps said that the rapper was released after he posted $750 bond. Reports revealed, the rapper was driving and was pulled over...