Juicy J

Amber Twerks & Juicy J Performs At Wiz’ Wedding [VIDEO]
I never really thought of "Bandz a make Her Dance" as a wedding song. Then again I never imagine myself twerking at my own bachelorette party. But hey whatever works for Wiz & Amber is fine by me! Check out video and pics of the Taylors wedding inside.
NewTube Videos Reach New “Levels” [VIDEO]
Ever since Kendrick Lamar threatened to "Manson Murder" "All My N---" including Meek Mill who haven't reached the "Levels" of Greatness King Kendrick claims, Hip Hop lyrics this week have gotten "Darker" but we are &quo…
‘Street Dreamin” + More Videos [NEWTUBE THURSDAY]
This NewTube Thursday, new artists like Bridget Kelly stop 'Street Dream' and look at the 'Bigger Picture' as we move to the 'Upper Echelon', so don't be M.I.A., 'Bring the Noize', 'cause it's gonna be 'One Of Those Nights' that's…

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