What Would DJ Bandana Do?
So for the last few weeks on my show #TheBlackOut With @DJBandanaBlack on Saturday nights I tested out a new segment called #WWBD? (What Would Bandana Do?) Where people can call in and get my advice on any topic they may have going on.
Kelly D. Davis ‘My Big Brother’ #IAmBuffalo Spotlight
For years Kelly has been a pillar in the community on the east side of Buffalo, Not only is he known for being one of the best barbers in the region but also a good man at heart. I have been getting my hair cut by Kelly since I was like 11 and he has always been like a Big brother giving advice and …
@PUNCHLINEJ – #CoCaineCityTape (Free DownLoad)
J. Rosario aka Punch Line J, Just released another heater for the streets under the title "Cocaine City" and the fans have been in a frenzy since its release. With all the music coming out these days its hard to really get excited about new music, but J...

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