Vote For Mayor & More Nov 5th [Ballot Sample]
Tomorrow Buffalo will elect another minority Mayor! But depending on where you vote, you will also be making some other key decisions. Check out what will be on your ballot BEFORE you head to the polls tomorrow!
What’s On Your Ballot? [VIDEO]
Tomorrow (November 6) is Election Day 2012! Millions of registered voters are excited to cast our vote for the next President of the United States. But what about all those other boxes on the ballot? Don't get caught by surprise when you are asked to elect a bunch of other people who you'v…
KKK Threatens Betty Jean Grant [VIDEO]
Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant is having flashbacks of her childhood in the South, as the racist hatred of the KKK has followed her to Western New York.
Check out the threatening letter and Grant's response inside.
Samuel Jackson In Your Bedroom [Video]
It's Election Season!
Check out what happened when the Jewish Council for Education & Research sends Mr Samuel Jackson into the homes of complacent Democrats. WTFU Video Inside
Children Know the Truth — Do You?
Today's Know ThySelf conversation topic is: "Why do people put so much trust in elected officials?"
Some of us adults blindly put our livelihoods in the hands of our political representatives. We don't even bother researching or questioning their agendas or policies.
Meet one 12-year-old boy…

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