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NEW MUSIC – Artist Godson – A Buffalo, NY Native
Godson, a Buffalo, NY native has been working on his craft of Gospel/Positive Hip-Hop for some time now. He is a very well respected artist throughout the U.S.A, he has traveled across the country sharing his talents. Recently we linked up and he shared with me he was working on his newest rele…
Yo Gotti – Cm6 Gangsta Of The Year (MIX-TAPE)
#TheBandanaReview: Yo Gotti - Cm6 Gangsta Of The Year
 Yo Gotti has been in the music industry for years grinding to make his mark. So when I got the news he was dropping another mixtape I was anxious to hear it because I respect his work ethic. I have to admit th
IM READY FOR WAR !!! lol (Summer Fun)
So the other day i was at work and soon as i came outside it was "WAR" lol, everybody had water guns and water ballons and proceeded to try and soak me.
So me never willing to take a loss i went to the nearest store and bought a Huge water gun to get payback...
#TheBandanaReview: DJ Khaled – We The Best For Ever
What is a Dj to do when he cant find hot music to release to the fans ?, You do what DJ Khaled did and release your own hits. Known for some of the summers biggest albums DJ Khaled keeps the good work going with album number 4 "We The Best Forever"
Unless you have been living under a rock, …
Top 5 Favorite Albums ( @DJBandanaBlack )
DJ Bandana Black Favorite Albums:
(Not saying these are what I believe are the best of all time but just some of my favorites)
5.) Joe Budden(Joe Budden): while most people would say that Joe Budden is not that good of an artist they more than likely are making this assumption based on his attem…

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