‘Mom These Are Not Drugs’ [NEWS VIDEO]
The Opioid Epidemic and drug usage among teens is off the charts these days, so when a Mom got a call from her Daughter asking Mom to go in her room and look for her Calculator, Mom got more than she bargained for!!!!  Mom Found DRUGS!!!??...
Dad Crashes Nae Nae Video [VIDEO]
Silento's hit song and dance "Watch Me" has thousands of kids and teens making their own fan videos but when this little girl's dad jumps in, he steals the show with his cowboy hat and wrangler jeans! You've never seen the Nae Nae dance quite like this before.
Mom Sues Sperm Bank For Giving Her A Black Baby
Two white women walk into a sperm bank, order up a baby from a white male donor, 9 months later she delivers baby that is half black. Now the moms are suing for emotional and economic losses! Details inside.

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