Vows Best Friends Make [VIDEO]
They'll stalk your crushes for you, never let you eat alone and rescue you from those disastrous encounters that have you counting the seconds and praying for escape -- check out these nine vows best friends make.
I Cheated Now She Won’t Leave My WIFE Alone [#THESCENARIO]
What's up man.. Need your help. I am married to a beautiful lady that I am happy with, but a couple of years ago I stepped out and cheated with this older female. I didn't want the chick but with little arguments with my girl, the older chick was easy "access"-no feelings…
The Scenario: My Girl Wants An Open Relationship!
I received a letter that posed a question about a very controversial topic...What should I do if my significant other wants to have an open relationship?
This topic has received a lot of attention lately with Chad Ochocinco being very frank and open with soon to be wife Evelyn of Basket Ball Wives a…
Should I Hook My Friend Up With Mr. Wrong [THE SCENARIO]
Tonight's Scenario comes from a female listener who wrote me saying this:
“My best friend wanted me to hook her up with one of my boyfriend’s homeboys. He is an attractive guy but my boyfriend told me and I witnessed on so many occasions that he has some issues with women.…

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