BBQ Restaurant In Cheektowaga Closes Its Doors
A barbecue restaurant in Cheektowaga had suddenly shut its doors. Located at 1753 Walden Avenue, the restaurant officially closed its doors for good on Sunday, April 30th after running out of product shortly after 4pm.
The restaurant's Facebook page has been deleted and according to a former employee…
New Moe’s Set To Open In Cheektowaga With This Special Feature
It's the first one in the Buffalo area and it will probably be busy. A new Moe's Southwestern Grill is set to open on Union Rd in Cheektowaga but this Moe's will stand out from all the other locations because it will also have a drive-thru. The Mexican fast food restaurant will be loc…
New Cheektowaga Walmart Has No NFTA METRO Bus Service! WHY?
What could possibly be the reason there is currently NO NFTA METRO BUS SERVICE going to the New Walmart Store in Cheektowaga?
According to The Buffalo News, the new Walmart Store is scheduled to open on April 6 and you would think there would be provisions in place for people with challenged transpor…

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