Drug Disguised as Candy Found in Central,NY
As the unofficial start to summer 2017 approaches this weekend, police are warning about a new trend that could be lethal. Parents are being warned to watch for a powerful drug that has been disguised as candy.
Do You Agree With New York’s Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor?
Jelly Belly has really brought a broad spectrum to the jelly beans flavors. Flavors have gone from red, green and purple to dish soap, roses and pot roast. It's crazy. This also makes it harder to try and figure out what exactly is the best flavor of jelly bean...
Have “Grown-Ups” Taken Halloween Too Far? [VIDEO]
Back in the day, Halloween used to be about "TRICK OR TREAK, MONEY OR EAT"... however, Halloween TODAY is about Grown-Ups spending Billions of Dollars buying and dressing up in COSTUMES and creating Halloween Displays!!!
Have Grown-Ups Taken Halloween TooFar...