The passing of Thanksgiving always marks the commencement of the holiday season. The mall offers extended hours, your job begins preparing for the annual Christmas party, and you go over your monthly budget for December trying to figure out just how you are going to afford this holiday season.
But don’t fret my friends; I’m here again with some fairly inexpensive holiday advice. Purchasing gifts do not have to be a bank breaker this year! You can make someone else’s holiday 10 times better by spreading holiday cheer.

There are so many ways to give back to the community, especially during the holidays. Helping out the less fortunate is one of them. Your local neighborhood Salvation Army is always accepting donations of barely worn clothes and house items, and monetary donations as well.

Volunteering is another way to spread holiday cheer. All it requires is your time. There are several Christmas dinners being offered throughout the community by churches and various non-profit organizations. A simple Google search of holiday volunteer opportunities in your area will find you all the information you need and the numbers to call.

Help make the lives of so many unfortunate kids brighter, by getting involved in the numerous toy drives going on. If you’re unsure of where to go start your own! All it takes is word of mouth. Or if you know personally of a family who could be sponsored, take it upon yourself to help their holiday experience that much better.

Believe it or not, a smile goes a long way. It may seem somewhat corny, but a pleasant mood will get you much farther than an unpleasant one. Don’t be a scrooge; try not to stress yourself out and you will do just fine this year. Most of all remember the true reason for the holiday season!