Thanks to the thousands of camera phones that were snapping photos at the Boston Marathon, the FBI has persons of interest in the crime that injured 150+ people. See photos inside.


The Associated Press is reporting that authorities have identified a suspect wearing a

“black jacket on a cell phone, wearing a gray hoodie and a white baseball cap backwards placing a black bag at the second bomb site outside of the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street and then leaving the area before that explosion”

Here is a shot of the guy they suspect of placing the bomb that went off in the first explosion.


Of course they are innocent until proven guilty. But thanks to a bunch of photos showing him placing a black backpack at the scene of the second bombing and then settling down in the stands without the bag, it's likely these man will go down for the crime.

UPDATE, April 18, 4 p.m.: Authorities determined neither men had any information or role in Monday’s attacks at the Boston Marathon. So the hunt continues....