With the power of social media, people can now spread their message quickly and more efficiently than ever before; after a Toronto police officer incited comments about how women should “avoid dressing like ‘sluts’ so that they can avoid being raped or victimized” an immediate movement began. The comments were made during a safety forum for students, and although the officer apologized, his comments spread through Facebook and Twitter faster than he could even move his lips to say ‘I’m sorry’

Nicole Sullivan, 21, is a student at the University of Massachusetts-Boston and is also an organizer of these “SlutWalks,” after hearing about the comments, Nicole immediately lended her support saying that they “are taking the blame off the rapist and placing it on the victim”….Really?! Cause every girl who steps out in a sexy dress is asking for rape right? She is describing the movements as “an effort to reclaim the word slut,” a term too often used in our society by both men and women.

The walks are simple peaceful protests in which participants can be as casual as a t-shirt and jeans; however some activists take the extra mile dressing themselves in extremely scandalous clothing to prove their point. While some people compare them to “Take Back the Night” rallies, there are several STRONG differences between the two.

At the “SlutWalks” participants dance hip-hop, wear t-shirts saying ‘slut’ and ‘sluts pay taxes.’ Women have been seen rollerblading in lingerie, and their male counterparts wear clothing in support reading ‘I love sluts.’ The rallies also often end with speakers and workshops and their message is spread to local law officials urging them that blaming the victim is NOT an option.

What do you think? While the comments the officer made were despicable is this the proper way to fight the comments? Clearly im on the side of the “Slutwalkers”…Just because a women dresses like a slut doesn’t mean she is asking for rape. Do I think that women should dress like that? NO, the way that you look says a lot about who you are, you want to dress like a slut, you'll get treated like a slut BUT that DOES NOT validate rape. Personally, io think the protests are hilarious, I think its an effective way to express ones opinion and it really shows how passionate younger generations can be. Share your thoughts on the "SlutWalks" and tell us what you think.

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