I'm used to seeing Dogs and Cats running around my neighborhood in Rochester, NY... but since coming to Buffalo there a new "kid on the block"... SKUNKS!!! OMG...where do they come from? Can't something be done? I'm terrified of them... the look so evil to me..and they obviously stink to high heaven.


I needed to know if they're dangerous so I went to the internet and Googled..."Are Skunks Dangerous". Here's what I found out:

There were mixed emotions...one person said: (compliments of Yahoo! Answers)
"in Wisconsin, there were 5,900 skunk-related fatalities last year. you should be very afraid...californian skunks are meaner and deadlier due to the smog"

Another person said:
The very worst a skunk can do to you is spray you ... and even if you think it's a terrible smell, it's very EASY to get it off you and your clothes. Buy the largest cans of tomato juice possible, and rub it into your skin and your clothes, then take a bath and wash the clothes. If you can still smell it, do it again and let the tomato juice 'sit' for at least five minutes. You'll need to 'slop it on' but you don't need to sit in a tub of juice, and you don't need to throw your clothes away. I don't know WHY tomato juice is the only thing that removes skunk but I've used it on others, because I happen to be one of the 1% of people in the world who find the 'sick smell' of skunk attractive.

I'll go with the 1st dude...because the 2ND person messed up at the end of his answer talkin' about how they think "Skunk Stank" is attractive!... HUH?!

I'll just continue going to the opposite side of the street when I see one.... or worse, when the whole family is out for a skunk walk and they're all together walking around looking for garbage.

Man oh Man....SKUNKS!  Here's a Video that says it all: