The NFL has lowered the "BIG HIT" on Former Bills Head Coach Gregg the suspended Defensive Coordinator for The St. Louis Rams.  Gregg Williams will spend the entire 2012 NFL Season watching the games from home, while earning a big "negative $7,000,000" to boot!  But WAIT A MINUTE..... EUREKA!  Hmmmm.... as I pondered this I couldn't help but realize, or wonder, if indeed Williams Bounty Antics BUFFALO?  I mean listen now; Williams 1st NFL Coaching job was in Buffalo right? Would we be stupid to believe he wasn't doing this "Bounty" thing as early as 2001 when he 1st entered the NFL....IN BUFFALO!?

Let's assume it all started here!  Well then; with fines forthcoming for any players involved in the "BIG HIT BOUNTY PAY PLAN" the question arises...Shouldn't players who once participated be penalized or fined also...even if it's "after the fact"?  Many players have retired since playing under Williams... but that doesn't retire the fact that they got "paid"...while the payment for victimized players who were targeted at the time was an end to a career, which equals an end to an exorbitant income.

I say there should be some retribution and financial fine relevant to even players who are no longer playing.  If current players have to pay...formers players who were involved should have to pay as well.

What do you think?