Bomb technicians, snipers, hostage negotiators and specially trained divers are just a few teams being prepped for the tenth anniversary of the historical 911 attacks.

Materials confiscated from Osama Bin Laden's compound reveals that Al Qaeda and associates are planning to attack an American train.

Security agencies in New York City are on high alert, seeking out suspicious persons, behaviors and purchases in an effort to prevent any possible attacks.

Specially equipped convoys will be deployed throughout the city and across the five boroughs. Amtrak is expanding police patrols on trains, at train stations and all other rail infrastructure.

A letter was sent to businesses involved in selling explosives, encouraging them to "exercise increased awareness and vigilance as the anniversary approaches."

There are several high profile events taking place in New York which according to security officials are considered ‘ripe terror targets.’

A world surfing championship is currently taking place in Long Beach. Beginning September 8th, New York’s fashion week is set to kick off and the docking of WWII aircraft carrier USS Yorktown is scheduled to dock on this same day.

According to officials, there is no specific intelligence indicating an attack on America or New York, as of yet.


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