I'm actually afraid to write the Blog... and I'm being very SERIOUS about that.  It's pretty scary to me that a Towing employee was MUDERED and it's suspected that it's all behind MONEY and towing compny competition locally...AND...the FBI is investigating whether the POLICE ARE BEING PAID OFF TO FAVORABLY TOW CARS TO A SPECIFIC TOW COMPANY!!!!  HUH!!!!!  If these FOOLS are willing to kill someone to protect their corrupt sense of MONEY, such that MONEY becomes more important than a human life...AND, AGAIN, THE POLICE ARE POSSIBLY INVOLVED,...why wouldn't they choose to just waste little ol' me helping to expose them in this Blog?

Well I'm just gonna adopt the SMOKER'S MENTALITY and take the stance that "I have to go someway"....(hope you know I'm kidding).  Okay, so here goes:  I'm putting this in perspective now... a car gets towed after an accident or for a traffic stop, etc and imagine the POLICE OFFICER being corrupt and, the type of person who would actually take advantage of the fact that he / she is wearing this UNIFORM that allows him / her to DO WHATEVER... WILL LITTLE OR NO ACCOUNTABILITY... and have your car towed to a PREFERRED TOWING COMPANY in exchange for that Towing Company handing over to them a portion of your RIDICULOUS TOWING AND STORAGE FEE MONEY!!!!!!!  Imagine that....  can you?  I can!  But along with realizing that comes the realization that the POLICE ARE HUMAN TOO and they are not all necessarily "wearing the uniform" for the good of the people...rather some are "wearing the uniform" for the good of their ego's, personal gain and in some cases...Racial Hatred!

With that said...according to the Buffalo News, The Buffalo Police Department is being investigated by the FBI for possibly accepting bribes from select towing companies in exchange for favoring those tow companies over other competitive towing companies...I'm not certain which policy exists currently, but I do know that it's either that the tows... after accidents... are handled in such a way that tow companies are used on a rotation basis / or it's on a first (tow company on the scene) come, first served basis.  According to the Buffalo News story there have even been fights between tow drivers at accident scenes over who git there first...and then ultimately a murder....possibly as a result of tow company competition....which is still being investigated.

Do you believe there are Police Officers being BRIBED to favor certain tow companies over others and direct business their way FOR PAY?