On The Scene With ADRI.V

Last Friday I had the chance to be at the opening ceremony of the City of Buffalo new "Game Changers" program, an eight-week youth basketball camp aimed at empowering Buffalo's neediest youth through basketball training and life skill workshops which is meant to steer 10 to 18 year olds away from drugs and crime.

At the opening of the program was Mayor Byron Brown who shared his dreams for the program, which lead into Buffalo native, NBA legend and star Bob Lanier who shared a very motivating speech to a room of youth expressing the importance of P.R.I.D.E. Bob Lanier shared "This program is about trying to change the mindset of these young people, that education is empowering and important in their life." Supported by officials from the city of Buffalo and Drug Enforcement Administration supporters hope that the success from this program will transform lives and also the “change the game” of today’s youth.

The program will take place every Friday at the Delevan and Moselle Community center.