We've all heard a lot about the movement "Occupy Wall Street" quite a bit lately in the news and on the Internet.  For those of us who haven't, it is a people powered movement that began in September of this year and has spread quickly throughout the country, even Buffalo got involved!

While there are many opinions on this, let me share a drastically different one with you.  We can call it a "Left" vs. "Right" resolve, and in my opinion the RIGHT IS ALWAYS RIGHT!! 

My left leaning brethern think something like this:  The premise of the protests is the growing difference in wealth between the richest 1% ,who make pretty much all of the economic decisions, and the rest of America.

The problem, in my center left opinion, is situations like the clearing of the peaceful protesters occupying Zuccotti Park this past week by order of the mayor.  He stated that people have the right to speak out, but they do not have the right to take over (maybe he should tell that to the 1%).  Techniques such as pepper spray, sound cannons, and others have been used by the NYPD on protesters so far.  I did mention that they're peaceful protesters, right?

So what's wrong with this picture? Everything.  It's known that the police force and government in general do not favor protests, just more work for them, but they're not only controlling the protests (which I understand) but they are trying to altogether stop them, as we can see with what happened in Zuccotti Park. 

The only explanation I can come up with is exactly what these people are protesting against: some small percent of higher-ups made a decision to deter the 99%, and the more they resist the protests, in my opinion, the more the protesters message will shine through.

Our "Right faced" friends may see it like this:  The leftists had the nerve to say that the protesters were "peaceful", what in the hell is he or she talking about peaceful?  Somebody better check what's going on in Portland and Oakland with their so called movements.  A person has died already, and now we are hearing about rapes and crimminal activity in some areas.  Sounds peaceful to me right!!!

As much as you have the right to your opinion, there is a difference between making a statement and making a statement that is bothersome and intrusive to other people's lives.  Many of the Occupy Wall Street protests have attracted a very negative crowd.  Many protests have gotten out of hand because of drinking/drugs or general rebel-rousing, but to some as long as they stand there and try to make a statement that won't change a thing, that's good enough.  You want change, do it the right way, look into yourself and make that change, then the world may join you!

*WBLK Intern Emily Leschhorn contributed to this article*