Last Friday the House passed a vote that could possibly lead to to the end of all government funding to the organization Planned Parenthood. Living in a society that deals all too often with issues such as teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases, is it really a good idea to cut off funding to an organization that so many people rely on for this range of care?

When the vote was passed to move to the Senate there was an immediate public reaction from both sides, those in favor and opposition. While many Pro-Life supporters stood behind the idea calling it a 'historic vote,' others have called it an 'extreme and dangerous piece of legislation' that is an 'assault' on many Americans.

In my opinion all too many people focus on the controversy of the organization, their abortion services. If you move past the pro-life, pro-choice dilemma people could see that Planned Parenthood also offers breast and cervical cancer screenings, primary and preventative health care, birth control, HIV testing, family planning and more. Not only that, Planned Parenthood makes these services available to many people that may not otherwise be able to afford them. Do you honestly think that removing these services will help the budget that much? Or will it create a whole new range of problems in our society?

If you ask me, denying funding to an organization such as this is asking for a whole new set of problems. Regardless if your pro-life or pro-choice look beyond the moral issue  and understand that the organization does far more than that. Whether you support them or not, Planned Parenthood has built a reputation and as a young person I know many people that utilize their services. Perhaps if there is an issue with the amount of money the organization is spending the government should look into different ways to allocate the money, or even make small budget cuts that would still allow the company to function.

What do you think? Will cutting the funding to an organization like Planned Parenthood have a positive effect? Or will removing accessibility to things like birth control and STD testing create larger issues such as higher teen pregnancy?