The 4th of July weekend is upon us and its no better time to break out the grill.  I love to get outdoor whether it's in my backyard or camping I love  to cook my favorite food's on the grill.  I think I started loving cooking outdoors when I was a cub scout in Detroit.  we made little "hobo stove's", which was made out of a large coffee can.  You could cook a small burger or hot dog's on the top the hobo stove, but that was then and now I've moved on to bigger and better equipment to cook  my food outdoors.  Here's my list of favorite food items for the 4th of July.

1.     Grilled Lobster Tails- This all start when my brother was a seafood manager in a Detroit area   grocery store.  he brought home a few lobster tails and we decided to put them on the I've  been hooked every since.

2.     BBQ Spare Ribs (beef or pork)- there nothing like marinating the ribs for 24 hours or more slow cooking them on the grill and then basingthem with spicy barbecue sauce.

3.    Potato Salad- there's nothing like creamy delicious potato salad.  The potatoes shouldn't been under-cooked or over-cooked adding sliced eggs on top is an added touch.  I love olives so adding sliced olives to the potato salad is also a great addition.

4.  Grilled Prosciutto Asparagus Wraps- (guess I need my veggies ) Wrap a couple of aspargus stalks in Prosciutto ( or bacon) grill it then sprinkle some fresh grated parmesan cheese on top...whoa !!!    

5.   Fresh Fruit Platter-   A combination of fresh fruit of the season, such as, catalope, watermelon, honeydew strawberries, peaches, kiwi and mango.

I'm getting hungry... so what are your favorite food items for the 4th of July ?