Tonight's addition to the BIG DUMMY FILES is a woman named Bobbie Kugler from Rocchester, NY. WENY is reporting Bobbie Kugler recklessly caused a fire. The complaint says Kugler was burning pictures of her boyfriend, then throwing them on a dresser "filled with combustible materials." Rochester police arrested Kugler and charged her with arson and four counts of manslaughter. Four of her children, 14 year old Gage Reavey, 13 year old Greg Kugler, 12 year old Kandee Kugler and six year old Kaiden Kugler died in the fire. Bobbie Kugler and her two year old son Tyron escaped from the home.

I understand she may have been upset with her boyfriend and wanted to get rid of all the evidence of their relationship. There are a million other ways to dispose of the pictures. She decided to burn them in the house on top of combustible materials. Bobbie Kugler is the definition of a BIG DUMMY. I'm amazed at how she managed to survive but 4 of her kids die that just sounds selfish. She ran out of a burning house with her kids inside, from a fire she started for a stupid reason. Welcome Bobbie Kugler into the BIG DUMMY FILES.