Every Week I look to feature and interview a young mover and shaker who embodies the “Go Getta Spirit” and is doing great things for the people and themselves in the Western New York and Southern Ontario community. Having the the blessed opportunity of having my show “The Go Getta Mix” I look to use my platform to acknowledge those people nominated as “The Go Getta of The Week.

Meet The Go Getta of The Week, William Christopher Wilson aka TuneZ!

Born May 28th, 1988, William Christopher Wilson, quickly was given the alias TuneZ by his neighborhood friends because of his clear obsession with music. Even at a young age this Niagara Falls, NY native knew that music was his calling. Primarily, working as a producer/artist right now has not limited him, as he is also expanding to engineering and marketing. With such accomplishments under his belt as working with YMCMB, Lil Twist, Hamilton Park, Jala Shay, Ty James, Mr. Cheeks, Ebony Love, Hot Rod, Short Dawg, Machine Gun Kelly, Rock City, Big Hood Boss, Gutta TV, Gauge, Hip Hop Since 1978/Los Since 1987; recently signed management deal with Violator out of New York City, TuneZ stays motivated to raise the bar on his producing skillz. In life, every take off endures turbulence before taking flight, TuneZ is no exception.

Respect. This one word makes a world of difference, and TuneZ is still seeking that for the craft in which he strives to perfect and mature with, and the industry. The sheer adrenaline from exploring the many wonders life has to offer keeps him motivated enough to continue his journey, and forge a path for himself in the music industry. And when that is not enough, he turns to the inspiration from his grandparents, seeking reassurance through their support and realizing all things are possible.

If you feel you got what it takes to be “The Go Getta of The Week” Send me your picture, bio and write in one paragraph or less on why you should be “The Go Getta of The Week” to ADRIVTheGoGetta@gmail.com