There has been yet another incident on a flight, this time a little less violent, but an incident nevertheless! A passenger was kicked off for needing to use the bathroom! Do you think airlines are out of control with their need for control?

(Photo By Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

The passenger, Kima Hamilton, was kicked off Milwaukee-bound Delta flight, as it awaited takeoff, according to KCEN. He was removed from the flight on April 18th, all because he urgently needed to urinate while the plane waited to be cleared to take off. While they were waiting, he walked to the restroom, but was told by an attendant, to go take his seat. But his need grew stronger, so since they were still waiting, he figured it was OK. Well, that turned out to be quite the opposite. The crew made all the passengers get off the plane. They were all eventually allowed back on, except Kima! He was refunded part of his ticket and left to his own devices to figure out how to get home from Atlanta!

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