Hip-hop heavyweights Lil Wayne and Rick Ross are re-imagined as baby Wayne and baby Ross in a YouTube video that was posted online. The clip features a young kid plucking the guitar like Weezy, while another youngster is mimicking Rozay.

In the video, Benjamin McDonald and Zorian Jolly played the kid versions of Wayne and Ross, respectively, and they seemed to be having fun playing the famous rappers. In one scene, we see McDonald strumming his guitar just like Weezy and singing the rap ballad ‘How to Love.’ Then it segues to their song ‘John’ as we see Jolly wearing shades like Ross, although, he doesn’t look nothing like the Miami rapper.

Near the end of the clip, we see baby Weezy admiring a “#1 Dad” poster of Birdman on his wall. But when he’s get a fictional text from the Cash Money CEO that reads, “I kissed another man Wayne – Birdman,” he rips down the poster in anger. For those who may not know, Birdman and Wayne share “Mafia kisses” with each other, as reflection of their inseparable father-and-son bond. We also see baby Wayne fall off his skateboard in reference to Weezy’s accident this past summer.

This isn’t the first time little tykes decided to impersonate the chart-topping superstar. On Halloween, two kids dressed up like Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj, which elicited mixed reactions from viewers when their photos were posted online.

While we don’t think child services should be called on the kids’ parents for this YouTube clip, we have to stress that Weezy and Rozay’s music is not for lil young’uns. Therefore, children shouldn’t be glorifying them in a video. But if an eight-year-old princess can mimic the black Barbie, who are we to judge? Hopefully, this clip won’t come back to haunt them when they get older.

Reactions to video have been mixed on the user’s YouTube page. Some thought it was cute while others frowned at the clip. One viewer jokingly wrote, “He already got better skills skating and playing guitar than Lil Wayne,” while another typed, “Set black people 400 yrs back. Raising hoodrat children. Congrats.”

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Watch the ‘Little Wayne’ Parody Video